Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Sunday, November 27

Tallwhacker Ceiling

Like Michaelangelo before him, this tortured nob artist took his work to the ceiling. Sprawling across a full panel of the wooden Ravenscourt park alcove, this work tells a chilling story of lies, betrayal and broken hearts. The headline “GULLIBLE” stands stark against the damp veined wood, while “FUCK U Alisha G bitch” adds some context to the anguish. Could Alisha be a latter day Helen of Troy?

Honing in on the detail of the illustration, this nob has been captured in angry inaccuracy using firm brush strokes. The left bollock is bizarrely distended, ballooning forth at an outlandish angle. The pubes are surprising bountiful, lending an almost Seurat-esque quality to the piece. And just discernable at the tip is little trickle of nob juice.

Alisha - the sadness you have caused has not gone in vain… another artist is born!

Thursday, November 24


A fantastic example of rare council-funded nob-sculpture which also doubles up as a sundial! Lucky Brighton residents!
This picture was tweeted @NobwatchUK by @windust - nice work @windust! The Nobservatory salutes you!

Monday, November 21


A lovely little flaccid nob to fill you with wamth this chilly Tuesday morning! The Nobartist has carefully arranged the pubes like rays of light and warmth emitting from the goolies - just like the warmth you get from a big bowl of porridge, but lower down - like having two little hot water bottles for your trouser pet.

Saturday, November 19

Straw Pole 3

Is there no bounds to these Nobartists imaginations???
Yet another straw pole nob! This one displays both astounding attention to detail, considering the difficulty the nobartists must have in manipulating their chosen medium, and off-the-wall shapings. Pointedly erect (the nob is only viewable from above at certain angles which would indicate the intention was for it not to appear flaccid) the nob has a series of lines along its shaft, could these pertain to a saggy foreskin? Or a ribbed condom? Maybe a new and interestingly depicted STD?
The nuts are where the nobartists have let themselves down slightly, clearly less attention has been paid to the construction of them, with one bollock well formed but barely attached and the other outsized and flabby  - we like the meat, but we'll pass on the veg.

Thursday, November 17


A rather unexpected find for our Field Researcher. Barely visible to the naked eye, this tiny todger makes up in skill what it lacks in size. Comparable to the exquisite miniatures of the Ottoman Empire, this lilliputian love-sausage demonstrates the skill of the nobartist in not only the incredible detail of the dong, but the careful way that its rocks are perfectly integrated into and camouflaged by the... er... rocks.

Wednesday, November 16

Straw Pole 2

The return of the Straw Pole! These Nobartists are taking full advantage of what now appears to have been set up as a playful socially interactive 3D installation JUST FOR THEM!
Real investment in people.

Monday, November 14

Nob Triptych

 This IS an exciting find by our Field Correspondent! A Triptych! This would appear to be a collaborative piece, each of the three nobs look quite distinct from the others.
The first nob in the series presents quite a mystery, what's the small 1:30 scaled object next to the "penis!!!"? And who on earth is Dan Allen?
 This flaccid nob comes with an apologist note, the copy being presented in a neat, clean typographical style.
And finally, no subtleties here - this whale shaped wang is blasting off it's sheath in a show of masculine splendour!

Incredible Hulk Nob

 It's a Big Green Wanger from Outer Space and it's BAAAAD.

Sunday, November 13

Sea Anemonob

Wonderful Nobart here - it looks as if, drawing from nature, the nobartist has created a nobby genus of sea creature!
The little anemonob cleverly evades its predators by squatting among the protective spikes of its chubby pair of polyps. Hard to spot against the backdrop of its heavily tagged environment, the anemonob remains a secretive creature hiding in the depths of the skate park.

Thursday, November 10

Johannesburg Wanger

Nobserved in the Johannesburg Hilton, this translucent wanger claims to be 'modern art'. Come off it folks! We all KNOW it's a nob! How you'd interpret the blue bit in the background we simply can't imagine, but that front bit, the textured,veiny shaft? The well defined bellend? That's a nob alright!

Wednesday, November 9

Dumbicasso Nob

The first nob to divide ranks in the Nobservatory! One party of Nobservers believes that this nob has a cute,cartoon feel. Dumbo like ears and bold, happy lines.The opposition maintain the nobartist was aiming for neat, minimalist shapes with a surrealist tint - a one eyed wink at Picasso.

So what is it, NobWatchers? Dumbo Nob? Picasso Nob? Is it even a nob???

Sunday, November 6

Little Nobs of Sunshine

This photo was tweeted @NobWatch by Caitlin Cummins, spotted on a sunny day in Cardiff.

In these dark and miserable days of winter, there's nothing quite as cheering as this wonderful piece of NobArchitecture projecting its sunny little light nobs for lucky pedestrians to frolic among. This time specific piece is also weather specific, only visible under exactly the right conditions. So what of the NobArchitect? A genius? A prankster? Or completely oblivious? Whichever way, we love it.

Nice nobservation, Caitlin, the Nobservatory salutes you!

Wednesday, November 2

Nobby Sole

A true first for NobWatch! This member of the nobart fraternity (a normally very secret and anonymous demographic) was caught IN THE ACT of nobdrawing!
The artist in question was nobserved scribbling distractedly in class when he SHOULD have been doing his sociallyacceptableinoffensiveconformistart. Whether or not this had a direct bearing on the nobart should be considered. The small character on the left appears to be assuming a defensive stance against a faceful of incoming spunk. Telling?
It could be that this is a stark illustration of the isolation and chagrin experienced by nobartists while pursuing their chosen form. No other art form is as readily produced and as swiftly wiped away by the masses. Like jizzing in the wind...