Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Saturday, November 19

Straw Pole 3

Is there no bounds to these Nobartists imaginations???
Yet another straw pole nob! This one displays both astounding attention to detail, considering the difficulty the nobartists must have in manipulating their chosen medium, and off-the-wall shapings. Pointedly erect (the nob is only viewable from above at certain angles which would indicate the intention was for it not to appear flaccid) the nob has a series of lines along its shaft, could these pertain to a saggy foreskin? Or a ribbed condom? Maybe a new and interestingly depicted STD?
The nuts are where the nobartists have let themselves down slightly, clearly less attention has been paid to the construction of them, with one bollock well formed but barely attached and the other outsized and flabby  - we like the meat, but we'll pass on the veg.

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