Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Thursday, May 31

Inspector Penis

Edinburgh's answer to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, the inaffable Finey and Chilvers are out solving another mystery - the Case of the Levitating Dong.

Thursday, May 24

Tuesday, May 22

Gentleman's Log Cabin

Another superb find courtesy of @windust. This strident profile featuring pendulous clock weights and a superbly squirting manhandle is topped by some strangely straight pubes. The quaintly weathered wood of the nobartist's canvas befits the portrait subject perfectly and compliments the clean white lines of the image.

Saturday, May 19

Blue Veined Cheeser

Lurking in it's temperature controlled den, the blue veined cheeser is ripening nicely. The delicate blue veins indicate the presence of bacteria used in cheesemaking, also represented is the presence of Brevibacterium Linens as found in odours as diverse as sweaty feet and Gorgonzola. The pubic wisps denote a mosquito-attracting Roquefort aroma appealing to only the most delusional of foodies
Keep it clean, gents. Keep it clean.

Thursday, May 17

Carlisle Cock

Another celebration of female Nobart, this offering by Claire Humes of Carlisle is a sure winner with the public. Exhibited in it's place of origin since 2011, this piece shows great longevity in Nobart terms, the genre tending towards the transient.
The popularity of Claire's work is expressed by an addition, presumably by an admiring Scottish Nobartist proclaiming the English maverick nobartist as "Awesome".

Tuesday, May 15

Waxy Wiener

To celebrate women's health week we will show a series of nobs crafted by female nobartists. Female nobartists are notoriously rare, though when discovered exhibit none of the reticence and need for anonymity associated with their male counterparts, often adding a signature to their work or working openly in public.
This first submission is an example of such public art, luckily snapped by a friend of the Nobservatory, this wax wang was skilfully moulded in a bar to the delight of onlookers.

Saturday, May 12

Bring out the Gimp....

Gimp's Sleeping....  

Ever wondered what's inside those little green sheds... thankfully this one has been labelled.

Thursday, May 10


Good Morning Nobwatchers. It's 8.30 and this is The Voice of The Nobservatory broadcasting on 275 and 285 in the medium wave. It is the tenth of the fifth two thousand and twelve.

VendettaNob looms over it's viewers, a reminder of the Nobartists' relentless rebellion against the tyrannical dominance of the sociallyacceptableinoffensiveconformistart scene.


Tuesday, May 8

Procrastination Peter

Ah! Students!
The source of so many wonderful nobart pieces! Surely the Nobservatory would be a ghost town without their wonderful contributions to the genre.
Let's spare a thought for those training their brains for the forthcoming exams this week as we ponder on this excellent procrastination piece snapped by @bananajambo and pinged to the Nobservatory courtesy of @pancake_one.
The chirpy character, far from feeling the strain of looming exams, appears inordinately pleased with himself - and so he should be! Check out his gigantic dong! The artist has skilfully crafted the massive whang from what appears to be blu-tack, closer inspection reveals a cunningly manipulated scrotal area giving stability to the shaft allowing for its gravity defying angle.
The Procrastination Peter is a perfect distraction for all you office types back in after the Bank Holiday too! Procrastinate like you mean it!

Saturday, May 5

His 'n' Hers

NobWatchUK is proud to present this awesome piece of nobart in celebration of tomorrow's International  Equality Day. This clever image has been carefully created not with a pen, but with stickers. The careful arrangement necessary to portray the curve of the knockers credits the nobartist's painstaking patience. Their skills clearly honed by the sweater puppies, the nobartist proceed on to the sweeping arc of the sac. The profile view of the schlong and erratic spunk stream add character to the overall illustration. The presence of a lovely rack of jubblies in a nobby context is not unheard of in nobart circles, but it is extremely rare - many thanks to @ShiftyStudios for this juicy find! The Nobservatory salutes you!

Thursday, May 3

Sam's Squirter

A wonderful portrayal of nobart interaction! The character, Sam, looks slightly bemused by the massive load being shot with startling precision into the back of his, er... net. The comparatively massive dong with it's tidy pubes and rigidly angled shaft shows no such puzzlement its lines are strong and it's aims are true, the nobartists bold etching provides vigour and animation to the tableau.

Tuesday, May 1

Jolly Todger

This jolly todger seems to bounce of the wall, it's engorged bell giving it a trefoil outline and startling 3D effect. A notable feature is its immensely hirsute knacker sack, the nobartist appears to have revelled in the short repetitive strokes used to render the stubbly pubes, extending the groin-rug halfway up the visually truncated shaft.