Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Sunday, October 30

Happy Halloween

Wooohohohohoooo  Spooky!

Saturday, October 29

Skater Nob

This super tricky anthropomorhic nob was found at  - surprisingly enough - a skate park. Unusually for nobart, this nob exhibits contextual relevance and is one of the most highly prized nobs nobserved so far. The date raises questions - what does it signify? It's highly unlikely, given the transitory nature of nobart, that it has actually been in situ since 1983. The date may be the birthdate of the nobartist? If this is the case then Nobwatch is one gigantic step closer to homing in on this mysterious, anonymous, genital scribbling, fraternity.

Wednesday, October 26

The Bradford Flasher

The Bradford Flasher is named as such because of his forward thrusting stance inviting any unwary passers by to get an eyeful of his man meat. His smug grin says it all.
Many questions remain about the Bradford Flasher's authorship... Was he a collaboration piece? Or did a passerby with a spray can seize the nobbotunity to enscribe a nob onto a previously family- friendly stickman?

Monday, October 24

Saturday, October 22


This suberb 3D sculpture features elements of the organic in the nobartist's medium of choice, but also the digital in the tetris-style blockiness of the bell 'n' balls set. A vast structure, this nob dominates its location and is best viewed from above. The Nobservatory has a hunch that this one won't be around for very long, so keep one eye out for it this weekend!

Thursday, October 20

The Veiny Drooper

The Veiny Drooper is an exceptional piece of nobart. It's flaccid pose conveys innocence yet the pulsing veins communicate potential vitality. Experts at the Nobservatory believe that this is a collaborative piece, note the mixed media (different pens) indicating more than one nobartist at work.

Monday, October 17

Hirsute LoungeNob

Winter is coming and the pubes are getting long and in this case, curly! The first piece to reach the Nobservatory with pubic hair, this particular nob has astounded critics. Severe lines give way to delicate detail as the wispy pubes curl out from the solid structure of the nuts. The abstract lines to the top of the piece capture the etherial nature of ejaculate and provide a perfect visual balance to the nadgerfur.

Saturday, October 15


What's remarkable about this nob, apart from its intermittent appearances (once a fortnight, regular as clockwork) is its mobile nature, bringing Nobart to the streets in every sense of the phrase. The Nobartist in this case clearly has an environmental concern. The choice of the green bin is massively significant. As far as we at the Nobservatory are concerned, this is an example of situational statement Nobart at its very best.

Friday, October 14

The Chubster

This jovial little nob just leaks jolliness and cheer. It has a sacful of joy and is not afraid to share it with the world. Its chubby little meat pole practically smirks as it unloads its juice across the concrete of the skate park, providing a stark contrast with the utilitarian surroundings. We rate it.

Thursday, October 13

The Eunuch Ejaculator

Our first nadgerless nob exudes simplicity and function-over-form. Note the clean lines and gushing ejaculate. We at the Nobservatory have recorded that the piece has no biological accuracy, however we do not see this as detrimental to the overall effect. Pay particular attention to the shadow line where the artist attempts to recreate the engorgement of the shaft.

Saturday, October 8

Cycle Sign Nob, Leeds Uni

Love Walking, Love Cycling...  a bit too much it would appear.

Friday, October 7

Victoria Road, Leeds - Midnight Raid

A midnight raid on Victoria road revealed this priceless nobart specimen. This well crafted piece of phallophilia came complete with an educational description...

... almost akin to the Accompanying Guff Plaques found in art galleries. Nobby!

Rock Nob

Lay Back and Pull Off this.....

Sunday, October 2

Scientific Probe

Dear Nobwatch,
I'm doing my science homework and think this diagram of an inductively coupled plasma- atomic emission spectrometer looks a bit like a nob. What do you think?
Bored, Upstairs.

Little Carrot Nob

We unearthed this nobby treat.

Inner Ring Rd Bridge

A rare example of nobart discovered on the side of the bridge over the inner ring road in Leeds. What separates this nob from the norm is the attachment of a character. Freudian? Yes indeed. Wish fulfillment on the part of the artist? Most definitely.