Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Meet the Staff

Article Writer and expert in Phalloglyphic Studies, at the Nobservatory, Carlisle.

Belle specialises in speculating wildly. About anything. Belle is usually to be found encased in a pile of books or scowling from behind a journal article. She likes hairspray, beads and the colour black. She also expresses a passion for sausage sandwiches with HP sauce and was famously quoted as saying: "I love a bit of hot pork in the morning".

Webmistress and Artistic Director.

Fannie's skills lay in the twiddling of Nobs. Always willing to fiddle with anything that'll give her a buzz, Fannie's time is spent between the cutting edge of technology and a 1920's hairdryer. Fannie is a party animal and on weekends can be found in her high heels up on the bar room tables. She has a National Diploma in Art from Bath.

Roving Reporter

After Years in the field as Undercover Reporter for Look-In magazine, Jon is always on the look out for a conspiracy.
Armed with his 10 credit Forensic Chemistry Module from the Open University, Jonathan is ready to tackle the heady world of Serial Nob Artists.

Gardening Expert

Sacked from the RHS, after the Queen's Lady in Waiting fainted at his Humourously shaped Veg Collection, Percy has garnered praise for his deep study of natural phenobenons, and a place at the Nobservatory's outreach centre in Norwich.

Resident Feline of the Nobservatory

Always keeping One Eye Out.