Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Sunday, November 27

Tallwhacker Ceiling

Like Michaelangelo before him, this tortured nob artist took his work to the ceiling. Sprawling across a full panel of the wooden Ravenscourt park alcove, this work tells a chilling story of lies, betrayal and broken hearts. The headline “GULLIBLE” stands stark against the damp veined wood, while “FUCK U Alisha G bitch” adds some context to the anguish. Could Alisha be a latter day Helen of Troy?

Honing in on the detail of the illustration, this nob has been captured in angry inaccuracy using firm brush strokes. The left bollock is bizarrely distended, ballooning forth at an outlandish angle. The pubes are surprising bountiful, lending an almost Seurat-esque quality to the piece. And just discernable at the tip is little trickle of nob juice.

Alisha - the sadness you have caused has not gone in vain… another artist is born!

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