Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Tuesday, June 12

Stealth Nob

Stealth Nob cunningly disguises it's nobby nature by day, posing as a badly drawn bicycle. The Nobserver can see the fun potential for when it comes out at night with it's glowing orbs shining brightly!

Saturday, June 9


The Nobservatory loves little Jollybollocks, bless him. With his little helmet set at such a jaunty angle!

Thursday, June 7

Tuesday, June 5

Tong Dong

Experts at the Nobservatory have been going wild over this amazing find! This fantastic cock exhibits echoes of a modern day homage to masculine power in it's close resemblance to that sceptre of the Alpha male, the barbecue tong.

Saturday, June 2

Sunshine Schlong

It's about time summer started! Here, to get us optimistic all over again and bin the gloom of the endless winter is this sunny cock. On his brightly painted backdrop the Sunshine Schlong basks, his happy little thatch reaching up for the rays.