Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Tuesday, January 31

Lunchbox Lighthouse

A classic example of an instructional nob. Left by a thoughtful nobartist above the urinal, it immediately grabs the attention of the hopeful-would-be-urinator, like a beacon guiding the desperate towards relief. The chunky shaft promises stability for those needing to lean while the minimalist testes convey its utilitarianism.

Saturday, January 28

Phallus Foetidus

The foul fungus-like phallus oozes from the wall, protruding just above the weedy foliage with a slithering animated energy. Its sickly white hue suggests a damp, quivering texture and the pileus like tip and gilled stem complete the mushroom aesthetic. The hairy scrote could be two more little Phallus Foetidi toadstools just waiting to sprout a stiff stem and begin attracting meatflies.
More the sort you'd find growing in a damp cellar than the kind you'd want in your risotto, the Cockcap   mushy is not for human consumption and could result in you losing your lunch.

Thursday, January 26

X Marks the urethra

This nob takes it's name, quite visibly, from it's beautifully arranged spunk hole detail. Beneath it, the nob's bouncy little balls give the viewer the impression they were made to be jiggled. Another Big Green Wanger, this nob completes a hat trick of wanger-verde portraits thus far gathered by NobWatchUK.

Tuesday, January 24

A Nobby Habit

A scathing commentary on religion from this nobartist. Fashioned on a public sign with a quaint drawn-by-kiddies image of a monk and roofless abbey, the Nobservatory has run into difficulties with the interpretation of this particular wang. Fellatio or Flaggelation for the monk? And are the bollocks nestling in the sanctuary of the abbey or is the nobartist saying "Bollocks to you!"?

Saturday, January 21


Just look at these little nadgers go! merrily burying their shaft in... whatever it is it's humping. A happy splurge of love-lotion conveys the pleasure the nobartist experiences when sticking his wanger in any old abstract wall scribbling. Rarely is such joy conveyed by nobart as  here. The bright colours of the mural and funky, happening shapes breathe positivity. On a stick!

Thursday, January 19

Wanger-weathered wall

A magnificent example of the underexplored wanger-weathering phenomenon. Created by neither nobartist nor nobarchitect, a superbly crafted erect dong adorns an otherwise unremarkable post. Isn't nature wonderful!

Tuesday, January 17

Cartoon cock

An extremely rare treasure! The norm dictates that the nob is the focus of the piece with the attached character providing context, however this example presents the viewer with an extremely detailed character down the make of his car and his preferred brand of cigarette. One can only assume that this was intended to be an accurate portrait of an anonymous person.
Back to the central point, the nob. Assuming that this is intended to be a portrait, the subject appears to be rather pitifully endowed and ever so slightly dribbly. Nobwatch is hoping this is ejaculate rather than urine, the intermittent spurting would suggest this is the case, urine traditionally being portrayed in a steady stream. But who knows?

Saturday, January 14

Furtive Scuttler

The Nobservatory likes the furtive fluidity of this piece. One can almost imagine the artist taking a quick glance over his shoulder, whipping out his chalk, then dashing off his daubing. This is reminiscent of the naive style of cave painting. Perhaps the drawer then took a step back, surveyed his handwork against its housing back drop, smirked proudly to himself before scuttling off.

Thursday, January 12

The Pinkie Winkie

This is an unusual example of a tag/ nob combo. The Nobservatory wonders if the phallus is integral to the artist's signature? It is intriguing how the bell end and balls are almost the same dimensions. A creative illustration of the term "boner". Perhaps the tagger is showing us he is "hard"?

Tuesday, January 10

Pointy Penis

Admittedly, NobWatchUK thought this was a caricature of a person with a traffic cone stuck on it's head. That is until we saw the accompanying instructional text. "Penis" it reads. Thanks for that...
Genre established, this piece is remarkably abstract. The bell end is less bell, more pyramid... and seems to be a separate entity from the shaft. A possible interpretation could be that the tip is the powerhouse of the nob, the sensitive area being the nobartist's primary concern. Lower down, the nadgers seem somewhat saggy and empty, all virility having been drained out by the point.

Saturday, January 7

Jordan Loves Cock

So do we, Jordan. So do we.

Thursday, January 5

12: Lords a-Leaping

To conclude our Seasonal Special, the 12 Nobs of Christmas, we have this wonderful submission from @Wormstir via Twitter.
 This Leaping Lord was snapped opposite a nobby bar in Chamonix. His gimpy headwear and dribbly whang belie his blue blood: the Nobservatory suspects he may be called Jonty or Tarquin
a nob taking his grossly outsized package for a jaunt on the piste.
The inscription on the abdomen reads "Lucky". It could be that the nobartist is rather jealous of this Fresh Prince of Bell End, dangling his massive swinger, merrily spunking away and quaffing martinis in his nobby local bar, never realising how priviledged he is while the nobartist cringes outside, alone in the cold with his stumpy little pencil.

Wednesday, January 4

11: Pipes a-Piping

 This artist-cum-lyricist has created a two part extravaganza of musical splendour evoking the spirit of the festive season and riotous good cheer. The first instalment cocks a snoot at the eponymous 'dreamer' who has delusions of a seven inch winkie. This hinting at the superior length (and no doubt girth) of the artist's own. You can almost feel him smirking and jigging as he dashes out his image, the toe tapping sweep of the two neat bollocks and chirpy upward tilt of the tip. What a happy little chappy he is!

For part two, this artist is clearly on a roll.  He can hardly contain himself. Note the bubbly style of the handwriting, the consonant harmony of the libretto: "love-ly popp-ers" it positively bounces off its cold urban backdrop, with a frisson of mince pies, mulled wine and santa hats. The cock, by contrast is clean lines and simplicity: a piper, piping one pure clean note; a bugle call; a single horn blown. The clarity of the piece is unsullied by pubes, texture or even ejaculate. In composite these two make a truly remarkable opus.

Tuesday, January 3

10: Ladies dangling

Here we have a nob on an hermaphroditic character carefully created around a climbing frame - this is great interactive piece allowing the casual viewer to add his or her hands and feet into the frame. We believe the lack of detail in the face region compared with the surfeit elsewhere is an encouragement for those tall enough to place their own face in the gap at the top.
The glyphs to the right of the character are, as yet, unfathomable. Dick Jr. is apparently quite good, but the explosive exclamation of FG! at the top remains a mystery.

Monday, January 2

9: Drummers Drumming

This nob found in an unfortunate state of decay evokes movement and rhythm. It's head has been carefully moulded to look like the fuzzy end of a drumstick. It's a nob created to be beaten - it's blurred outline indicating the vibrations.
Slap your gong with this dong!

Sunday, January 1

8: Milking Manmeat

Naturally, we had to get you an ejaculator for this verse of the 12 Days, and what a grim one it is! You wouldn't want those hairy plums anywhere near your pudding!