Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Wednesday, January 4

11: Pipes a-Piping

 This artist-cum-lyricist has created a two part extravaganza of musical splendour evoking the spirit of the festive season and riotous good cheer. The first instalment cocks a snoot at the eponymous 'dreamer' who has delusions of a seven inch winkie. This hinting at the superior length (and no doubt girth) of the artist's own. You can almost feel him smirking and jigging as he dashes out his image, the toe tapping sweep of the two neat bollocks and chirpy upward tilt of the tip. What a happy little chappy he is!

For part two, this artist is clearly on a roll.  He can hardly contain himself. Note the bubbly style of the handwriting, the consonant harmony of the libretto: "love-ly popp-ers" it positively bounces off its cold urban backdrop, with a frisson of mince pies, mulled wine and santa hats. The cock, by contrast is clean lines and simplicity: a piper, piping one pure clean note; a bugle call; a single horn blown. The clarity of the piece is unsullied by pubes, texture or even ejaculate. In composite these two make a truly remarkable opus.

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