Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Friday, November 9

Winding up to the weekend with...

...DJ Sprain!*

*The Nobservatory has no idea who or what DJ Sprain is. None whatsoever.

Followers of the Nobservatory have suggested some tracks for his set...

Take your nob out all night- Scissor Sisters
I'd do anything for nob (but I won't do that) - Meatloaf
Don't take your nob to town - Kenny Rogers
Smells like teen nob - Nirvana 
Nob - Justin Bieber
How Deep is your Nob - Take That
Nob Off - Prince
Reach For The Nob - S-Club 7 
Quit playing games with my Nob - Back Street Boys
(Keep it of) my nob - Soundgarden
I need a Nob - Bonny Tyler

continue to play the game on facebook or twitter -  #nobsong

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