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Thursday, November 1

Turtle's Neck

WELCOME NOBWATCHERS to the fantastic charity fundraiser NOBVEMBER!
The brainchild of the Nobservatory's brightest sparks, NobVember is the glabrous alternative to the popular Mo'vember - giving the opportunity for involvement to those who can't, or simply don't want to, grow a mo'.
During the month of NobVember, the Nobservatory will be aiming to release a different comedy dong for your delectation every day. So follow us on Twitter, join the Nobservatory on Facebook, spam us like mad to your mates and colleagues, snigger (in a slightly lewd manner) and above all SPONSOR US. It's going to be a wild ride!

And to kick start the extravaganza, we are proud to present the Nobservatory's uniform piece of choice for the month - the Turtle's Neck shirt....

New for NobVember, this season's must have: The Turtle's Neck shirt.
100% Polyester, details include: a flaccid accidental dong, matching collar and cuffs and contrast piping around the... pipe.  Wear with heels and straight leg trousers for the executive look and show them exactly who has the balls in the boardroom!

Turtle's Neck* available to purchase from ASOS

*Not it's real name

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