Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Tuesday, May 8

Procrastination Peter

Ah! Students!
The source of so many wonderful nobart pieces! Surely the Nobservatory would be a ghost town without their wonderful contributions to the genre.
Let's spare a thought for those training their brains for the forthcoming exams this week as we ponder on this excellent procrastination piece snapped by @bananajambo and pinged to the Nobservatory courtesy of @pancake_one.
The chirpy character, far from feeling the strain of looming exams, appears inordinately pleased with himself - and so he should be! Check out his gigantic dong! The artist has skilfully crafted the massive whang from what appears to be blu-tack, closer inspection reveals a cunningly manipulated scrotal area giving stability to the shaft allowing for its gravity defying angle.
The Procrastination Peter is a perfect distraction for all you office types back in after the Bank Holiday too! Procrastinate like you mean it!

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