Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Tuesday, April 17

Traffic Warden Todger

We all know traffic wardens can be sadists, but the creator of this dusty masterpiece enjoyed rubbing the salt in their victim's wounds way too much. Luckily for NobWatch UK s/he had talent! Spotted on a car sporting a parking ticket, this nob exhibits evidence of it's maker's savage instinct. It would appear that the perpetrator slapped on the ticket then gleefully etched out this dong - no mean feat considering the thick layering of the grime - proclaiming the driver a nob! Thereby adding insult to injury in the most literal sense.
NobWatch UK disapproves of Traffic Wardens as a rule however there's no doubt that this one has great talent in the field of nobart. NobWatch UK would recommend the artist gave up the day job and took up professional nob drawing - a far less offensive career.

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