Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Saturday, March 17


Taggers. The bane of Nobartists everywhere! Taking control of all the free surfaces with their inane scrawl, these pen wielding parasites often invade scribble-able space pushing the humble nobartists out of their natural environments. But here we see what could possibly be a todger-tag hybrid! Like those annoying things on websites that want to test you in case you're a robot, some letters are vaguely discernible within the nob shaped outer frame. An S and an O make up the balls, perceptible in the middle there's a T and isn't that a dot indicating a J? And if you look at it from THIS angle it could be a...
Nobservatory cipher experts have thus far decoded the profound missive:
And noBiologists are investigating the possibility of this being a new species of Nobart.

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