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Thursday, February 9

Hohle Fells Hanger - A Stone Age Wanger

Welcome to the first chapter of Nobart: Origins, a series of little wee articles on early examples of nobart and nobartefacts from around the world dating from prehistoric times - all the way up until the Victorians ruined it all. Damn prudes!


Hohle Fels Hanger: A Stone Age Wanger
Prof. Belle Ennde

In 2005 a team of archaeologists led by Nicholas Conard from the University of Tubingen unearthed this 28,000 year old dong from the Hohle Fels cave in S. W. Germany. The siltstone nob was found in 14 separate pieces which when assembled made a magnificent cock of rock. "It's clearly recognisable" Prof. Conard told the BBC.
Wild speculation blazed through the archaeological community: could the 'life size' representation (20x3cm - for those of you who are interested) suggest it was used as a dildo? Or do the marks on the shaft indicate a function - the knapping of flint?
Intensive research conducted by the Nobservatory points towards its use as a tool, skillfully crafted by it's owner to raise a snigger from the lads and wielded with comedy pride down at the old flint mine.


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