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Sunday, February 5

The Flying Phallus

Once again our little nation has been shafted by Adverse Weather conditions - but while we're stuck indoors, unable to dig our motors out of the drifts for a Sunday morning jaunt, this enterprising sculptor is creating the perfect seasonal hood ornament spotted by @TedHawo - the Flying Phallus!  The Phallus stands proud and erect, flush to the wind, it's forward thrust indicating motion and eagerness. Nice one @TedHawo - the Nobservatory salutes you!
Naturally such a wondrous example of symbolic mascotry can't possibly be featured on a jalopy, this is no wanger for a banger... it must belong to one of those high performance jobs - the only things out on the road today.
The type that has four wheeled drive, wideboy tyres and a smug b@stard in the driver's seat. Nob!

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