Keeping One Eye out for Nob Street Art and Nobject Trouvé

Thursday, December 8

The RogerTodger

This appears to be an example of collaborative nobart though the Nobservatory is withholding judgement as to whether both parties agreed to/ were even aware of the collaboration. What we have is a character, not unlike Roger from American Dad, but with a nose... a nose that features a cockend. The question that is baffling our experts is: which came first? the Nob or the Nose?
We are faced with three possibilities:
1. The section demonstrating the most skill, the Roger, came first and the addition of the Todger was a skit by the nobartist, ruining or enhancing the original, whichever way you interpret it.
2. The Todger came first. In which case we have an adapted eunuch nob on our hands. Perhaps the nadgerless nob irritated a Nobserver who decided to seize the matter by the balls and add more detail - note the sac like quality of the bald Rogerpate.
3. It is a genuine collaboration piece, both Roger and his Todger were drawn at the same time indicating that novice nobartists are starting to apprentice themselves to people who can actually draw. What an incredible leap in the development of the genre that could herald!

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